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Hipster Yoichi by yoichi-masaki
Hi! My name is Yoichi. But you can call me Yoii!
I'm not the best talker but i try! Feel free to talk to me anytime.

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I, with help from :iconhale-hamasaki: :iconizuiii:, made the Utaus Trei, Po, Sin-Ga, and Kuota.
go to our youtube or look through my gallery and check them out.

oc meme

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 3:13 AM

1) Pick 6 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't! 
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun! 

1. Rei +VB (UPDATE) by yoichi-masaki
2. Poi +VB by yoichi-masaki
3. Sen-Da  +VB by yoichi-masaki
4. Trei +VB by yoichi-masaki
5. Utau Newcomer: Kuota + New cover by yoichi-masaki
6. Chibi Kyuu by yoichi-masaki


1. Okay so first, introduce each other! Rei introduce Kyuu, Poi introduce Kuota, Sen-Da introduce Trei and vice versa. 
R: *imitates kyuu* Hi I'm a antisocial weirdo how is still afraid of vampires even though I'm in my 20's

K: *imatates rei* Hi my name is rei and im an effeminate loner who's gender bend is still manlier than i am

P: .....*glares* Im kuota.......*turns and walks away* 

Kuota: *immataes poi and covers mouth with her hands* .....hi im poi and its a good thing i have huge watermelon boobies cuz im not much to look at

S:Hello, My name is Trei *giggles* I'm super popular and am TOTALLY the best one of the Traploids, though I can never expose my feelings for my two lovers =^w^=

T: "the hell's that supposed to mean" "well I'm Sen-Da, and even though I have nothing down stairs I'm still going to hit on every guy I know and creep them out... and I never shower... and ...and " *gets flustered and walks away*

2. Trei What is Poi's lover/crush and what do you think of him/her? If Poi doesn't have one, who do you think fits best with Trei?
T: ummmm.........I'm not answering this"
P:*stares intently at trei* WILL bare my children
T:" no I won't"

3. Kyuu has to pretend to be Rei's boyfriend/girlfriend because Rei's parents want someone to go out with Rei. Kyuu is not amassed with Rei's offer but does so anyway. How does it go?
R: *holds on to arm couply, and tires to smell his hair without being noticed*
K: *notices rei smelling him* O_O!! *elbows him in the stomach* If I'v said this once I'v said it a thousand times " I AM NOT FOOD!" *blushes and storms off in a huff*
R: "food....." *imagines kyuu+ whipedcream then mutter to himself* "I should probably stop before this gets bad"

4.  Curiosity got to Sen-da and he/she went inside a haunted mansion. Kuota is the owner and Sen-Da finds out! Do they fight, run away? What happens?
Kuota: Grins evilly and wipps out a cell phone with kyuus number on it and hands the cell phone to sen-da
Sen-Da: *dresses up in vampire crap and decorates the room with bats and corpses(?) then calls Kyuu "Hey bro, we're setting up for a party. Can you bring the booze?"

5. Oh no! Poi is in terrible danger and no one will help him/her! Though Poi believes someone will help him/her, who is it and how long will it take for Poi to realize? 
poi: .......*is tied up with ropes over a lava pit* ...this is what i get for setting tnt under peoples houses in mine craft........ *sighs and pictures trei on a white horse with knight armor* ...i can die with out regrets .////. 

6. Everyone falls in love with Kyuu, and Kyuu was pretending to be with Rei? When does Kyuu first find out and how does he/she fix the problem? Does Kyuu kiss someone or ignores it? How does it go?
K*tried to kiss poi while she is sleeping* "i will wake you from your slumber
P: *Punches* "go back to Rei you homewreaker"
K:*leaves defeated*

7. Burning house! Everyone must chose someone from each other, Save, Kill, Marry, Kiss and Sleep with? Who do each of them chose, and they must be from this meme.

R:  "save... Poi" "kill, looks to sen-da then to kuota....hummm"  "Kiss, trei.. on the cheek"Marry, Sen-da?" "sleep with *smiles then looks to Kyuu*

P: " ....ill save sen-da" " kill kouta" *blushes* " marry trei" " and have a sleep over with rei" shrugs " i suppose id kiss kyuu.....with my fists"

s: "Kill Rei for the life insurance and his crap, fuck Kyuu, save Poi, kiss Trei?" *shivers* "Marry Kuota" *SHIVERING HARD* 

T: "Kill, Poi" *looks over and glares "save Rei" Kiss, Sen-Da *pinches cheek* "Marry, um..... Kyuu i guess" "Sleep with..... *looks to kuota*"

K: *thinks* " Id save poi" ' KIll kyuu" " marry rei?"
"sleep with guh um...well i suppose we could share a bed but guh trei a guess?" and " kiss sen-da <3 he like my bro <3

Kyuu: "Id kill rei" "save sen-da" "marry poi" " sex up trei" and "kiss kuota...on the forhead?" 

8. What did Kuota think of his/her choices? Is anyone disappointed in Kuota for what he/she chose?
T: "lets just agree not to do it kay..."
K: "agreed" 

9. Who is most precious to Sen-Da?
Poi, or Kyuu's sweet ass

10.  Rei bought two tickets to the movies for Kyuu and himself/herself. How does Kyuu react? Does Kyuu accept? Why or why not?
R: *secretly wants to smell hair again*
K: *Shudders* "I can't trust you in daylight, what makes you thinkI'd go anyplace dark with you"
R: *Ears lay flat* I guess I'll just take poi then" 

11. Poi is jealous that Kyuu is "going out" with Rei. Yet Kyuu and Rei are pretending! Poi decides to tell Trei, what is Trei's advice?
T: "I'm sure Rei will hang out with you soon.... Are they really going out? wow.. I thought Kyuu was straight.
P: *pouts* " rei was mine first....."
T: *Pats* "it's ok"

12. Where is Sen-Da's favorite place? In the park, cafe at a football field? Maybe even a bed? Tell us!
S: In Kyuu's bed of course! *pops up a leg, smiles all kuh-waa-ee, winks, and makes the BANG! finger point*

13. Poi gives Kyuu a massage, how does Kyuu react?

14. Kuota turns out to be a royalty! Kuota tells Sen-da he/she wants to rule with him/her. Does Sen-Da accept, or just think Kuota is crazy?
S: *grabs had and grins, sparkles everywhere* "let's do this bro"

15. There is a sale on lingerie, Rei see's it and goes to buy it. Is it for Rei? Or a special person?
Rei: looks into the store "Why is it always for girls..." he pouts and walks away

16. Kyuu See's Rei at the lingerie store, how does Kyuu react? Does he/she care?
K: *dies laughing*

17. All six OC's are forced to live together, yet, they are three bedrooms, two rooms have one double bed (4 OC's). Another room has two single beds (2 OC's). Who sleeps with who? How do they resolve it?
T: Sorry sin-ga lit the house on fire... is it cool if we live with you for a while?"
Poi: *smiles and raises hand* I'll share my bed with you" 
T: " I'd rather sleep with somebody who won't fondle me... *looks around* "k...Kuota mabey?"

P*sulks* i guess I'll share a bed with sen-da"

R: "me and kyuu get our own beds then" *same room though. he .he .he*

18. Everyone is asleep except Kuota, what does he/she do? Go out and eat food in the fridge, play games or do karaoke? What happens?
K: *Draws on Trei's face*

19. Trei Is depressed about something, what does Poi do to cheer him/her up?
Poi: *Drags her by the hand and takes her out for sushi*

1. Kuota is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?
K: *Sobs" "I miss Nailga, why did Trei have to eat her ToT

2. Who could make Rei do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)
Rei: Kyuu or Po.... ah or Kyuu and Po .////.

3. Would Kyuu have the guts to kill Poi? Explain your answer.
K: "are you insane, why would I kill anybody....wait why are you asking?!"

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and Rei gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will Rei do?
R: *thinks to himself, mabey I CAN get kyuu and Po....*  *tries to aks* " ah.... want to help me rob a store?"  *damit!!!* 

5. Sen-da's birthday had come up and Trei gave Sen-Da a gift. But, turns out Sen-Da hates it. What will happen next?
T *hands gift, tail waging*
"Dude this is awesome! I'ma use this as soon as we get home!" *leaves it in corner of the room and forgets about it*

6. What will Kuota become when he/she grows up? Any achievements Kuota is planning to achieve? 
K: " I want to be a lawyer., but I have to go to class early ToT

7. Kyuu going out shopping with Poi and he/she offers to buy Kyuu something. What is it?
it's their bi-weekly neck accessory shopping
Poi: "probably another scarf" 

8. Trei is extremely close friends with Sen-Da is anyone jealous?
K "I'm not jealous... it just pisses me off"

9. Trei and Rei are on a boat and Rei decides to go swimming. Yet something caught Rei and now Rei is starting to drown! Trei notices, but does she help Rei?
T*Jumps in and untangles him from seaweed*
R: T..thanks for saving me
T: "Yah... it seemed like a lame way to die"

10. Poi and Kuota are in the same room, with the lights off. Trei walks in. What is their reaction.
T: *face compleatly red* *gets really mad for no apparent reason

11. Who would most likely be labeled a whore/man whore...? Kyuu, Trei or Poi? Let those three discuss.
T: "well.... hard call, your both whores"
P & K: ....

12. Rei is on a hike with Kuota and Kuota faints! What will Rei do?
R: " damit, you told me you ate before we left..." (kuota is hypoglycemic) 

13. Movie night with Poi . Poi makes Sen-Da watch porn with him/her. Reactions?

Poi: It's not porn, it's March of the Penguins 

Sen-Da: Hours of nothing but Morgans Freeman's voice? I have missed church a few times this decade.

14. Would Kyuu repeat his/her life if could? Why or why not?
K:" yes."

15. Who would get into trouble faster, Poi or Trei?
T: definatly Poi
P:*oooh, butterfly, throws shuriken* "wait... what"
T: "See"

16. Rei I dare you to go find Kuota's weak point.
R: "well other than being flat as a board, she is afraid I will ear her" *laughs*
K: T.T "Both... both those statments aren't true!!" 

17. Who's the party animal between Rei, Sen-Da and Trei
T: "I'm that party Junkie" *she says and grins*

18. Kuota wakes up one morning with blood all over her face. Sen-Da slept over and is no where to be found! Kuota goes down stairs and see Sen-Da. What was the story? (Let Sen-Da explain)

Sen-Da: "Well you see, when a man and a women make the sex time...I get offended, murder them, then have hot messy (sexy) blood parties. But in this case, I just stabbed Rei a couple times in his microphone hand."

19. Trei, from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?
T:" umm....4? mabey 5"

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, Kuota?
K: Shiny ab muscles

21. In your opinion, Kyuu What's the worst thing about the opposite gender?
K: Bras... the world would be better without them, they are a devil device ment to tourcher women"

22.Poi calls Kuota over for an "emergency". Kuota rushes over and Poi tells Kuota to entertain him/her. How does Kuota respond?
K: *Punches in the arm * "you called me opver for a damn emergency just so I can entertain you"

23. Is there anyone who you think about Kyuu, When you hear the word, bed?
Rei: *sneases*
S: "of course, I'm in his right now"

24. Kuota would you marry your current boyfriend/girlfriend right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?
K: *Glares* "thats a double ended snake, I'm not answeirng that" 
T: *sneeses*


Chibi Kyuu by yoichi-masaki
Chibi Trei Wildfire by yoichi-masaki
Chibi's.... pretty self explanatory


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My VBs

So That They are easy to Find! Use as you please.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudios TREI

Trei +VB by yoichi-masaki Rei +VB (UPDATE) by yoichi-masaki


Main CV…

Male Append CV [Rei]…

VCV Beta…

Resamplers and Flags: Use any flags you want. Resamplers don't work on Trei or Rei CV, but they do work on Trei VCV.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudios Po

Po +VB by yoichi-masaki Poi +VB by yoichi-masaki


Main CV…

Female Append CV [Poi]…

Resamplers and Flags: Resamplers don't work for them, but use any flags you want.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudios Sin-Ga

Sin-Ga +VB by yoichi-masaki Sen-Da  +VB by yoichi-masaki

Main CV…

Masculine Append [Sen-Da]…

Resampler and Flags: Resamplers don't work, you can use flags though.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudios Kuota

Utau Newcomer: Kuota + New cover by yoichi-masaki

Main CV…

Flags and Resamplers: use any flags you want. Resamplers don't work.

for Trei, Po,and Sin-GA…




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